What We Do

We don't copy and paste other organizations’ best practices.

We establish your requirements, targeted security posture and a means to maintain it through the TIGIR Methodology - an assembly of professionals, tools, comprehensive analysis. From these, we produce summarized, readable reports through patented algorithmic analysis that assesses and manages your organizational risks and threats to your assets.

We are committed to developing and instituting strategic security methodologies, frameworks and approaches that close the gap on your organization's exposure and vulnerabilities by identifying the right countermeasures and safeguards that ensure responsiveness to the speed of technological change.

Who we are

We're Old As Dirt

We have been around long enough to perfect critical thinking. HumanLed Inc. was founded in 2000 and is a Canadian, privately held corporation dedicated to counter- terror research and the operationalization of counter measures using in depth analysis, academic, research and over and above industry best practices.

All of HumanLed’s professionals are cleared by PWGSC (Government of Canada) and HumanLed is a Controlled Goods Registered company. HumanLed’s president, Valarie Findlay, has two decades of Canadian and US government experience in the areas listed below:

Threat Classification, Profiling, Codification and Measurement

Threat Risk Assessment, Analysis and Mitigation Strategies

Cyber Security

Legislation and Threat Response

Strategic, Organizational, Programmatic, Technological and Administrative Responses

What We do

Security. We Do Security.

We don't do BandAids. We don't do tactics. We don’t do pie-in-the-sky. We develop strategic approaches based on concrete assessments to ensure the highest and most agile security posture possible. You won't find any sexy terms or conflated promises here - we're serious about security and we're focused on the problem, not low hanging-fruit.

HumanLed focuses on what countermeasures and safeguards you need to invest in to reduce your risk - we're prescriptive and technology-agnostic. Our clients range from government, private industry and federal and community law enforcement. The core of what we do is cyber security but we assess all domains that play inextricable roles in iron-clad security - policy, plication, physical, persec – when we develop your solutions.


This is one of our more simple cyber assessment models

Improving an organization’s security posture, regardless of the threats or malicious actors behind them, starts with thorough organization and asset valuation before we scrutinize every important aspect of your organization to meet your security targets. The methodology we use is our own - the Threat Information Gathering and Incident Reporting (TIGIR) methodology - the basis of our patented Advanced Security Intelligence Solution (ASIS), an Asset Threat and Risk Analysis tool called, of course, TIGIR.

TIGIR is asset-driven to meet the new malicious and non-malicious threat climate and to enhance the intelligence outputs and accurate valuation data, while addressing gaps and vulnerabilities with prioritized recommendations.